Life, what is it? Is it something we wished for or is it a part of universe plan, you know like BIG BANG. Surely it’s not what we wished for because that would be scary stuff you know to wish for something before get to live i.e to born in first place.

Is it ever happen to you that you watch or read something that totally attracts your eyeball? I’m a movie buff like all of you, yeah what else we indians have in common other than cineMAA. Recently i watched a Bollywood flick THE SKY IS PINK starring priyanka chopra, farhan akthar , zaira waseem, rohit saraf.I wasn’t expecting to find this particular movie to move me like this but it made huge impact on me. I had a free time and reviews were also thik and what option did i have ? To watch war which i saw 3 times already. So all things aligned for me to watch The sky is pink. It deals with with story of parents fighting spirit to give their dying daughter some extra days or years to live because she have rare genetic disorder. The film is bit too long but some scenes can really move you and asks you questions. I never expected this can bring tears in my eyes but it did. Why it was so moving experience and why I’m adding a movie experience to explain something about life because life is not certain.

Stick with your loved ones no matter what happen. They were there for you where nobody else was. Life is not digital although you’re reading this on a smartphone and I’m writing this on a smartphone but this digital age has taken out the innocence out of us which we had before digital age. Digital here refers only to smartphones. We humans have reached moon before so is it a need or a want? Safe to say no one can answer it. It can be a need or it can be a want but i only that it is not that important. Why explain smartphone when explaining life because nowadays some people understand that their digital image or social image or presence is what life is all about but fact is it is not.

Smile, laugh, cry, shout, do everything what you want but enjoy it. There is no shame to try something new , it may be a taboo but what wasn’t….